Happy Birthday Legend Younis khan.

“Must Read It Completely You Will Enjoy It”

Wowow Its My All Time Fav.Batsman Birthday Today and how can I not write anything about it ,Its Really Impossible…

Here Is The Record Of #The_Great_Younis_Khan (The another Name Of Hope ,BackBone And Trust for Pakistan).

Name : Muhammad Younis Khan
D.O.Birth : November 29,1977 (Present Day)
Present Age : 41 Years Old
Matches = 118
Runs= 10K + (100,99)
Avg.Of 52+.
100s= 34 ,,#50s= 33 ,,, #200s=6 ,,, #150s+ =11 ,#Best=313.

Avg.By Oppenent=
Vs Australia = 57 Avg. (Best=213)
Vs India = 88 Avg. (Best= 267)
vs England = 46 Avg. (Best=218)
Vs N.Zealand = 44 Avg. (Best=149*)
Vs S.Africa = 40 Avg. (Best=131*)
vs S.Lanka = 50+ Avg. (Best=313)
Vs Windies= 38.15 Avg. (Best=153)
Vs Bang.= 79.75 Avg. (Best=200*)
Vs Zimbe= 73 Avg. (Best=200*)

100s- By Innings Wise :-
In 1st-Innings 11(100s)
In 2nd-Innings 11(100s)
In 3rd-Innings= 7(100s)
In 4Th-Innings= 5(100)s

Avg.By Batting Postion:-

At No.3 = Avg.of 51
At No.4 = Avg.of 53.03
At No.5 = Avg.of 48.50
At No.6 = Avg.of 42.82
At No.7 = Avg.of 100

Avg in Home/Neutral/Away :
In Home : Avg.of 59.31
In Neutral : Avg.of 55.17
In Away : Avg.Of 50.33

1000-Runs In A Calander Year :-
In 2006 : 1179-Runs 3(100s)
In 2014 : 1064-Runs 5(100s)

Total Wicket = 9
B.Bowling = 4-Wickets Vs S.L (Galle)

#Records At Pakistani Level :-
1st Pakistani Ever In Pakistan Test History To Take= 139-Catches At Slip. Most By Any Pakistani.

One of The Best Asian batsmen in test matches.

1st Pakistani Ever Who was Awarded with the Name Of #KingKhan From #ICC_Unit.

1st Pakistani Having 50+ Avg. In Tests.

1st Pakistani Who Does All The Things For his team. (Batting,Bowling,Keeping,Fielding,Captaincy,Coaching,Mentoring)

1st Pakistani To Win The t20 W.Cup 2009 .

1st Pakistani To Get The Award Of ” #Presdenstial__Pride_Of_performance_Award” from Govt. (from Asif Ali Zardari) In 2009 after Winning t20 W.Cup.

#World_Records At International Level-
1st Player In The World To Make 100- vs Each Test Playing Nation .

1st Player In The World Who Has 5(100s) in 4Th-Innings.

1st Player In The World To Make 200 (218) Runs In Englnad At the Age.of 38-Years-255 Days Old),1st Asian Batsman To Do Soo Too.

1st Player In The World To Make 150+ (175*)Runs In Ausrtalia At the Age Of 39-Years-27 Days Old.

The Best Test batsmen Pakistan has ever produced,Every Pakistani Will Remember Him Whenever Pakistani team batting order collapses.

Whenever any Cricketer Will hear The Name #Sweep_Shot Younis Khan’s name will come in everyone’s mind.

He Will also be the Coach Of Pakistani U-19 and National team Soon.
Present Mentor Of Peshawar Zalmi.
Every Pakistani Should be and feel Proud of This Unsong Hero.

Love You The Great Younis Khan.
Will Miss Younis Khan313 ❤.

1st pakistani having most No.of 34(100) .
1st pakistani Having 6(200) .
1st pakistani Having 11(150+)
1st pakistani To Make 10K Runs In Tests.
1st pakistani Having 50+ avg.in all innings Of Test Match.

#Selfmade after Hardwork.

Credit : Malik Muhammad Zeshan Ashraf (From Pakistan)

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